Pets of the Week - Meet Yogi & Chase
By Carol Weemes, Animal Services
Posted on September 12, 2022, September 12, 2022

Dog of the Week – Meet Yogi

This seven-year-old male Pit Bull Terrier mix is tan and white in color and weighs 90 pounds. It hasn’t been a picnic for this selection, Yogi, since he’s been in the shelter over 37 days. While he may be a big dog, he has a bigger heart and an even BIGGER personality. He seems to be a happy dog and seemingly smiles all the time. Chasing toys is a favorite pastime even though he may not give it back to you. Leash walking is achievable and responding to the command of “sit” is within reach (kind of…). Being petted on his haunches is one of his favorite things. For an older, dog, Yogi is still rather lively. He would probably do best in a family with older children and adults. Providing opportunities to exercise moderately would be good for his health. With a reduced adoption fee due to being a VIP pet, missing the opportunity to adopt Yogi would be a “Boo-Boo” on your part. Meet Yogi at Dog Adoptions (DA) 16, his ID number is A50817518.

Second Dog of the Week – Meet Chase

This nine-month-old male Chinese Shar-pei mix is brown and white in color and weighs 47 pounds. Chase is an example of a dog with really soft fur, almost like a bunny’s fur. He got moved out of the adoption mall because he was so-o-o talkative at the window trying to get the attention of the shelter visitors. Living up to his name, he does love to chase toys and is a great lover of attention. He probably would be a good companion dog as he likes to stay close by your side. He walks well on a leash and would probably benefit from some structured training. Not camera shy, Chase is waiting for his Instagram moment. Come visit him and check out his soft, unique exterior that will soften your interior by the time you’re done with your visit. As a VIP pet selection, Chase has a reduced adoption fee. Chase is in Dog Holding (DH) 113, his ID number is A50935302.

Adoption fees include all core vaccinations, alteration, microchip and 30 days free pet insurance.

Dogs of the week

Pets of the Week
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