Arlington PD Expanding Hiring Options to Help with Staffing, Competitiveness
By Tim Ciesco
Posted on September 06, 2022, September 06, 2022

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Meeting the public safety needs of the Arlington community and continuing to provide the high level of service city residents and visitors have come to expect requires that the Arlington Police Department constantly recruit new, quality talent. For many law enforcement agencies across the country, that process has become increasingly challenging and competitive.

It's for that reason the Arlington Police Department is expanding its hiring options.

For the first time, the department will offer a 13-week Lateral Transfer Academy for current law enforcement personnel who work at outside agencies. After successful completion of the academy, the officers will complete a field training program. APD’s four-year college degree requirement will be waived for applicants who meet the following conditions:

  • Candidates coming from a law enforcement agency with 100+ officers must have at least three continuous years of experience

  • Candidates coming from a law enforcement agency with fewer than 100 officers must have at least five continuous years of experience

The department will also be expanding entry avenues for applicants into its Basic Peace Officer Academy, a 32-week academy followed by a field training program. The four-year college degree requirement will be waived for candidates with:

  • Four years of active-duty military experience with an honorable discharge

  • Four continuous years serving as an APD Police Service Assistant / APD Detention Officer AND 60 hours of college credit

The four-year college degree requirement will remain in place for candidates who do not fall into one of the above categories. Any APD officer who wishes to promote within the department will have to have a four-year college degree to be eligible.

 “The reality is recruiting requires more effort, ingenuity, and willingness to adapt than it ever has before,” said Chief of Police Al Jones. “As more of our experienced officers become eligible for retirement, we have to make sure we’re consistently replenishing our workforce with new talent. I believe these expanded hiring options will have a positive impact on our ability to attract quality candidates to Arlington.”

 For more information about APD's hiring process, visit the department's recruiting site.

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