UTA Researchers Invite Riders to Provide Feedback on City's Arlington RAPID On-Demand, Self-Driving Public Transportation Service
By Office of Communication
Posted on June 22, 2022, June 22, 2022

Arlington RAPID

The City of Arlington would like your input on the Arlington RAPID (Rideshare, Automation, and Payment Integration Demonstration) project. Under the Arlington RAPID project, the city integrated autonomous vehicles (AVs) into Arlington's existing Via on-demand rideshare service. It included a wheelchair-accessible autonomous vehicle and the integration of payment systems with UTA, which offered free AV rides to UTA students from March 2021 until March 2022.

Feedback is critical to the success of this project. Accordingly, the research team will conduct a focus group discussion to collect inputs from people residing and/or working in the City of Arlington. Due to the importance of feedback for the project, the team is looking for participants willing to voluntarily attend the virtual focus group session. We seek individuals who have used the RAPID AV service and are above 18 years old and would like to share their travel experiences.

Please click here to participate in our important study, your time is much appreciated!

For more information about the Arlington RAPID project, please contact Ann Foss, the project manager for the City of Arlington, at [email protected] or 817-459-6678.

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