Arlington RAPID Continues to Provide On-Demand, Self-Driving Public Transportation Service Around Downtown
By Office of Communication
Posted on June 07, 2022, June 07, 2022

Arlington RAPID, the City’s on-demand, self-driving public transportation service, provided more than 28,000 trips in its first year to residents, university students, and visitors around Downtown and The University of Texas at Arlington campus.

RAPID continues to be available to riders this summer between noon to 6 p.m. Monday through Friday through the Via app or through Via’s customer service line at 817-784-7382. The service area is currently bounded by Division Street to the north, Mary Street to the east, Mitchell Street to the south, and Davis Drive to the west. In all, more than 18 miles of Downtown streets have been mapped for the vehicles to take the most efficient path to pick up and drop off riders.

You can read more about the Arlington RAPID pilot program, which will expand service later this year, in the latest edition of the Enhance Regional Mobility newsletter. You can also learn more about construction on ADA compliant pedestrian paths near Downtown, the creation of the 2023 Citizens Bond Committee, the naming of the regional walking and biking corridor between Dallas and Fort Worth and other mobility news.

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