The American Dream Story of Patrick and Fasicka Hicks of Smoke'N Ash BBQ
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Posted on October 21, 2022, October 21, 2022

Editor's Note: This article, originally published May 22, was updated Oct. 21 to include The American Dream Story of Patrick and Fasicka Hicks.

Options are the name of the game. In the latest episode of Arlington Eats on MyArlingtonTV, host Jeremy Thomas visits Smoke’N Ash BBQ

Patrick and Fasicka Hicks married each other and their specialties with Smoke’N Ash BBQ.

“We have Texas-style BBQ, we have authentic Ethiopian food, and we have the Texas-Ethiopian fusion,” Fasicka Hicks said. “You can bring your vegan and a meat-lover, and they’ll be happy on the same table.

Smoke’N Ash BBQ started as a weekend food trailer in 2012, but customers wanted more. So, the Hicks family opened up a location in South Arlington years later.

“When we started it was just Texas BBQ,” Fasicka Hicks said. “I’m from Ethiopia, and I decided to do something with the Ethiopian part of it because I was really bored with just smoking meat.

Smoke'N Ash BBQ was just one of three Texas restaurants to land a spot on The New York Times' 50 Best Restaurants in America 2022 list this September. 

With customers mixing and matching cuisines, that kicked started new dishes like their sampler plate. one of their most popular ordered dishes. 

“We sell a lot of Texas style ribs, brisket, fried catfish, tilapia and red snapper,” Patrick Hicks said. “You can get it fried smoked or grilled.”

“And don’t forget about the Big Ash Potato,” Fasicka Hicks said. ”That thing ways about three pounds by the time we fix it up. 

And again, if you don’t eat pork, there are plenty of options for you.

“Ethiopians are traditional not pork eaters,” Fasicka Hicks said. “We’ve been adding lamb ribs to replace the pork ribs. Lamb tips to replace to the rib tips. And, all the spices that we use here that are Ethiopian, it’s made in Ethiopia by my sister. The support and the effort that is put into back home here in Africa just to make it happen here in Texas.“

The Hicks family say from the support they receive from Ethiopia to the customers in Arlington and beyond, they are looking for a larger location to expand right here in The American Dream City. 

“I love Arlington!” Fasicka Hicks said. 

Smoke’N Ash BBQ is located at 7301 Matlock Rd St. 127. For operating hours and more information, visit the restaurant’s Facebook page

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