Arlington Fire Department Highlights Accomplishments in FY21 Annual Report
By Susan Schrock, Office of Communication
Posted on April 27, 2022, April 27, 2022

Arlington Fire Department FY21 Annual Report

Arlington Fire Chief Don Crowson presented the department's Fiscal Year 2021 annual report to the City Council this week, highlighting proactive fire prevention efforts, emergency preparedness planning, community health outreach and other priorities designed to keep the 99-square-mile city safe.

Crowson said he is proud of the innovative, data-driven and compassionate response by the department to handle a range of challenges. These include a 23% increase in dispatched fire calls for service, ensuring that the numerous, high-profile special events held here are safe for all, and the continuing efforts to address the coronavirus pandemic and other health needs throughout our community.

 Click here to read the Arlington Fire Department FY21 Annual Report.

 Highlights include:

  •  9-1-1 Communications answered 402,089 total calls in FY21, and dispatched 249,219 police calls for service, 64,044 (EMS) ambulance calls for service, and 54,170 fire calls for service. Of the total dispatched fire calls for service, 73% were medical related.
  • Daily minimum staffing is expected to increase from 77 firefighters in October 2021 to 91 firefighters by October 2022, an effort to reduce response time, reduce firefighter fatigue and improve safety, improve coverage and capacity and meet the growing demands for service.
  • The department deployed its two-person Light Response Vehicles to more effectively manage 64,615 total unit responses in FY21, an increase of 15% from FY20, which has saved wear and tear on heavier fleet vehicles and kept them available for more serious incidents.
  • In FY21, the department added a public health nurse and an epidemiologist at the Public Health Unit, 2920 S. Cooper St. Since March 2021, the Department’s Public Health Unit has provided free COVID-19 vaccinations, no appointment necessary, on a weekly basis. Boosters are also available.
  • The department provided services for 254 special events at AT&T Stadium, Globe Life Field and other venues throughout the city in FY21.
  • The department recorded 51 full-arrest cardiac survivors, the highest number in at least the past seven years.
  • The department completed 19,437 inspection activities, including annual fire inspections, gas well inspections, new construction, or complaint/courtesy inspections.
  • Community outreach activities included National Night Out, Light It Up for Autism Awareness, American Heart Association campaign, Vial of Life presentations, Community Fire Safety Programs, Neighborhood Clean Up participation and Hazardous Household Waste Collections.
  • The department recorded satisfaction ratings of 96% for quality of service, 97% for timeliness of service and 77% for communication education services in the latest Citizen Survey, all increases from FY20. The City’s ambulance/emergency medical services quality of service and timeliness of service also received increased satisfaction ratings of 95% and 93%, respectively.
  • Safety initiatives include the department completing the second year of a three-year plan to provide firefighters with a second set of bunker gear.

The Arlington Fire Department is a people-oriented service organization focused on helping those in need. Responding with compassion is among its core values, Crowson said.

Data in Action: Arlington Fire Department FY 21
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