Learn About Average Winter Consumption and Save Money on Next Year's Water Bills
By Arlington Water Utilities
Posted on November 30, 2021, November 30, 2021

Now is the time to think about reducing your wastewater charges. That's because Arlington Water Utilities averages every residential customer’s water usage during the fall and winter to establish a maximum wastewater charge for the following October through September. It is also known as Average Winter Consumption (AWC).

How is AWC determined?

The Average Winter Consumption, or AWC, is based on the water usage shown on your December through March bills. The highest month is discarded, and the remaining three months are averaged. (Three months are used to give a more accurate measure of water going into the sewer system.)

 What’s next?

This AWC or maximum wastewater charge (two terms for the same thing) establishes an upper limit for wastewater charges during the following year. If your monthly water use is less than the AWC, your sewer use is billed at equal to your water use. But, if your water use is higher than the AWC, you are only charged the AWC for sewer. If your water account is new, a city-wide average may be used until your AWC is established.

 How can I find out when my AWC is determined?

The City places a reminder message about the AWC program on November bills. The message will give you the approximate dates during which your water usage will be averaged.

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