The Stormwater Capital Program manages the design and construction of stormwater capital improvement projects. Stormwater Capital Program addresses a wide range of drainage challenges that mostly stem from an aging system built prior to modern stormwater design standards. These projects require planning and funding beyond short duration maintenance and repair projects. Stormwater capital projects help ensure the level of service for infrastructure is improved or maintained in a manner consistent with City Council priorities as well as City, state and federal design standards and regulatory requirements.

The Stormwater capital projects are identified and prioritized through the Comprehensive Stormwater Plan.

Types of Stormwater Capital Projects

  • Flood Mitigation
  • Major Infrastructure Maintenance
  • Public Infrastructure Protection
  • Voluntary Flood Buyouts
  • Purchase of Technology Assets

Stormwater Capital Budget

Capital projects are major investments in City stormwater assets. The capital budget funds projects that are not included in the operating budget due to their high cost and irregular occurrence. The capital budget is approved annually by City Council in February or March of each year. The Stormwater Utility Fee funds the Stormwater Capital Program.