Arlington Eats: Brisket on Everything at 225° BBQ
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Posted on November 10, 2021, November 10, 2021

In the latest episode of Arlington Eats on MyArlingtonTV, host Jeremy Thomas visits 225° BBQ.

225° BBQ is known for its menu options including brisket on just about everything they offer.

“You can find brisket in chicken, brisket in peppers, brisket in the macaroni, brisket in tacos, brisket in ramen and brisket in corn in a cup,” 225° BBQ owner Rene Ramirez said. “I put a lot of love into the brisket.”

Ramirez said they offer mild and spicy signature options.

“The Cherry Bomb is bacon wrapped habanero,” he explained. “We stuff cream cheese on one half and on the other half we put brisket, close it up with bacon, smoke it with jalapeno sauce. It’s not the spiciest one we make. We make the Atomic Bomb. That one can be anywhere between a scorpion pepper, a ghost pepper or a reaper.”

Another sizzling item to note about 225° BBQ, they were recently recognized statewide in Texas Monthly.

“Seeing that other people have noticed my hard work, it definitely means a lot to me,” Ramirez said. “All these long hours, sleepless nights, being away from the family, it’s worth it.”

A family now extended to his customers from far and near, right here in The American Dream City.

“The City of Arlington, they opened the door for me,” he said. “They helped me build the following. A lot of the locals have come out and supported us. We get a lot of support from the PD. We are hoping to move into a brick and mortar hopefully next year. We want to stay here in Arlington. They have helped us out a lot and now it’s our turn to return the favor and make a permanent home here.”

225° BBQ is located on the west side of Division Brewing at 506 East Main Street in Arlington. You can view the operating hours and learn more about 225° BBQ on the restaurant’s Facebook page.

225 BBQ.

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