Ask Arlington: What You Need to Know About Recycling
By Office of Communication
Posted on November 02, 2021, November 02, 2021

The City of Arlington offers curbside recycling options to help keep The American Dream City clean and beautiful. 

In the latest Ask Arlington, Environmental Programs Coordinator Misty Adams explains how recycling works in The American Dream City. 

What is curbside recycling? 

Misty: “A recycling system in which all recyclables are collected and sorted at a facility. All your recyclables are placed in a curbside bin, collected and taken to the Materials Recovery Facility, also known as a MRF. Once these materials make it to the MRF, they must be sort and bailed into blocks of common materials. The MRF facility is set up to sort and bail certain materials, which is why certain items are accepted and others are not.”

What is accepted in your curbside recycling cart?

Misty: “Those items include mixed paper – such as newspaper, junk mail, and office paper; flattened cardboard and boxboard, broken down as much as possible; steel and aluminum cans; milk and juice cartons; glass jars and bottles; Plastics bottles and containers, #1, 2, 5  (look for the recycling symbol and check the number).”

What condition should your recyclables be in?

Misty: “Empty, clean and dry. Make sure that you have removed any food residue and liquid before placing in your curbside cart. Liquids and food products will damage paper products making it impossible to recycle.”

What are some items that are not accepted but commonly found in curbside recycling?

Misty: “Plastic bags, food waste, yard waste, light bulbs, window glass or mirrors, batteries, dishes, ceramics, Styrofoam, clothing, garden hoses, cellphones, or other electronics. Anything that is placed in your curbside recycling cart, that is not accepted, is considered contamination. When in doubt, throw it out. Many times, we place item in the recycling cart hoping it will be recycled. In the end this material ends up getting put in the landfill. If you have items that are still usable such as clothing, donate to a local non-profit.”

What if my cart is broken or I would like to have an extra recycling cart? 

Misty: “If your cart is broken, went missing or you would just like an additional cart you can make that request at Issue with My Recycling Cart. There is an additional $1.70 per month plus taxes fee for each additional cart order, replacement or fixes are free.”

Click here to learn more about recycling in the City of Arlington.

Truck picks up curbside recycling cart.

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