Arlington Mayor Jeff Williams' Farewell Letter to the Community
By Office of Communication
Posted on June 28, 2021, June 28, 2021

Dear Arlington Residents,

As my time as your Mayor comes to a close, I’d like to take this opportunity to thank our citizens for working together and for rising to the occasion during difficult times to help those in need in our community. One of my first initiatives as your Mayor was to champion our city’s great kindness and you have been awesome! The kind and generous spirit that now defines The American Dream City stands out time and again from our outstanding faith-based leaders, selfless nonprofits and our amazing teachers all working together to champion positivity and an inclusive environment to ensure all residents can achieve their American Dream here in Arlington.

 Being your mayor has been the journey and honor of a lifetime. I’m so proud of the six years we’ve spent together and it’s been incredibly rewarding to see neighbors helping neighbors throughout the COVID-19 pandemic and the unprecedented winter storm in February. And that goes for our city organization as well. The commitment of City staff across every department, in particular our first responders, has been remarkable and truly inspiring. We’ve always known that we have the very best staff in the country. But the way everyone has responded to the overwhelming challenges in 2020 and 2021 have shown the entire country that there’s nothing Arlington can’t achieve and no dream we can’t accomplish if we work together. And I want to thank you for your hard work and doing extraordinary things for our community.

 Arlington has a very rich history of great people and impactful servant leaders who have come before us, leaving a legacy and economic momentum for future generations to build upon and be proud of. Over the past six years, Arlington has risen in stature at every level and we’re clearly one of the great cities in America. As someone who has talked to mayors across the nation, Arlington is seen as a true leader in technology, innovation, transportation, manufacturing, and tourism – and I couldn’t be prouder of the thousands of jobs created as a result of this success.

 And while Arlington is proud of our rich, cultural diversity and reputation as an international city, our unity is integral. The greatest hope I have for our community in the future is that we continue to reach out to those in need and keep extending that hand of kindness. We are known as the “can do” city for a reason. It’s defined by our ability to work together, no matter our background, to achieve success for all residents throughout our community.

Unity comes in many different forms. I believe the National Medal of Honor Museum, opening in Arlington in 2024, will be a beacon for that unity and uphold the character traits exemplified by Medal of Honor recipients: patriotism, citizenship, integrity, courage, sacrifice, and commitment. Arlington was chosen in a national competition and has been entrusted with this responsibility. It’s one we take very seriously and a unique opportunity to educate young minds by introducing them to thousands of inspirational stories.

Karen and I want to thank you for the opportunity to serve this great community. I can’t think of a better place for all of our kids and grandkids to raise their families and find success. I wish Mayor-elect Jim Ross the very best and I look forward to great days ahead for Arlington: The American Dream City. Stay strong, stay positive and keep spreading Arlington kindness to everyone. If we keep doing that, there’s no telling the dreams we can achieve together.

Mayor Jeff WilliamsSincerely,
Mayor Jeff Wiliams

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