Culture Buzz: Online Magazine Celebrates Good News, Diverse Voices in Arlington
By Office of Communication
Posted on April 06, 2021, April 06, 2021

A new digital magazine is celebrating the positive news in Arlington and the diverse voices shaping our city. Sociability is the latest venture from publisher Tony Rutigliano and executive editor Amy J. Schultz. And while the two help curate and share content, they leave the creation to the audience.

"It's all content submitted by people from all walks of life in Arlington," Schultz said. "That's our goal, for Sociability to be a very representative magazine. It's the voices of the greater Arlington, Texas area."

After a difficult 2020, Rutigliano sees the magazine as more than just reading material. "We really believe Sociability can be a place for generosity and kindness to really lift people up."

In a given month, topics covered in the magazine can range from cooking and travel to racial equity. A recent piece explored the work of Arlington's Unity Council, with Sociability contributor and Unity Council member Larry Curry offering new insight on the group's mission. 

"Yes, we're interested in entertaining, and hospitality and travel. But we're also interested in servant leadership. We're also interested in community building. We're also interested in celebrating diverse voices," Schultz said. "As long as we remain true to our vision, I think Sociability is going to grow in a way that's going to really serve our community."

Click here to read and explore Sociability.

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