City's Tool Sharing Program Aims to Help Arlington Residents Champion Great Neighborhoods
By Carol Weemes, Arlington Code Compliance Services
Posted on July 28, 2022, July 28, 2022

Editor's Note: This article was originally published August 19, 2021. The story was updated July 28, 2022, to include Ask Arlington episodes about the program.

Code Compliance has tools (literally) to help Champion Great Neighborhoods! The Tool Sharing Program, which launched in February 2021, offers Arlington residents a variety of tools and equipment to check-out free of charge to assist with property cleanup and home improvement.

Just imagine, your grass needs mowed, you attempt to start your lawn mower and it just sputters. Arlington’s tool sharing program is here to help! Simply visit the Tool Sharing Program website, browse the icons to choose a category that best suits your need, and fill out the online form to borrow a tool or piece of equipment to get the job done.

“I’m very excited to see a Tool Sharing Program being established for the residents of Arlington,” said Linda Finley, resident of Fish Creek community. “Not everyone has a vehicle large enough to transport a lawn mower or power washer, or the funds to purchase/rent these items. The best part is being able to reserve the equipment, know it will be delivered and picked up without having to leave the house.”

Once your request is received, we will be in touch within three (3) business days to schedule drop-off from our mobile tool trailer at your Arlington residence. Items may be borrowed for up to three (3) calendar days, and after use, we will return to pick up the tools.

Want more information about this exciting new program? Visit the Frequently Asked Questions web page. Proof of Arlington residency is required with a valid ID and a recent water bill.

Questions? Please email [email protected] or call the Action Center at 817-459-6777.Tool Sharing Program

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