Residents Show Arlington Kindness With Donations
By Traci Peterson, Arlington Water Utilities
Posted on December 14, 2020, December 14, 2020

Care & Share Program

Laura and Mike Heymann feel fortunate this holiday season, even with the challenges 2020 has brought with it. That is why, like so many Arlington residents, they decided to give back to their community with a charitable donation.

Their act of Arlington Kindness? This year they donated to the Arlington Water Utilities Care and Share Fund, which provides water and sewer bill payment assistance to income-qualified residents.

“If we can help even a few families have one less worry of a utility payment, maybe they can experience a moment of relief, and maybe they can get their medications filled, put food on the table, or buy a few presents for their children. We love our community so much and this is just a small thing we felt like we could do to help our neighbors," Laura Heymann said.

This summer, the Arlington City Council authorized the department to expand its Care and Share Fund, which has been in existence since 1994. It is a donation driven account that provides assistance paying city services bills for residents who meet certain income requirements and are facing temporary crises. Residents can receive up to $300 toward their city services bills.

The fund, which previously had one point of contact for residents, is now administered by three different nonprofits - Mission Arlington, Arlington Urban Ministries, and Catholic Charities Diocese of Fort Worth. The expansion coincided with greater need, according to Arlington Water Utilities. In July, the Care and Share Fund distributed $3,021. That number jumped to $9,240 in August; $8,601 in September; $11,200 in October; and $10,827 in November.

“With the help of our nonprofit partners, the Arlington Water Utilities Care and Share Fund has been able to greatly increase the number of residents it can reach with assistance.

"Generous donations to the fund from community members like the Heymanns are essential for that success to continue. We are thankful for their generosity,” said Arlington Water Utilities Director Craig Cummings.

Over the last five years, the Care and Share Fund has provided over $250,000 in assistance to qualified residents. To learn more about how to donate to that fund or apply for assistance, please visit

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