Project Completion Adds New Water and Sanitary Sewer Main in Several Areas
By Traci Peterson, Arlington Water Utilities
Posted on November 06, 2020, November 06, 2020

Water Project Update

The City of Arlington recently completed improvements in the central and eastern portions of the city that resulted in one-and-a-half miles of new water or sanitary sewer main and new asphalt pavement on many of the streets involved in the work.

The 2017 Water and Sanitary Sewer Main Replacement Program began in late 2018. Arlington Water Utilities led the effort, which set out to construct approximately 1,380 linear feet of 6-inch to 8-inch water main, and 6,740 linear feet of 8-inch sanitary sewer main.

The project included improvements in the following areas:

  • Orchard Drive (Randol Mill Road to Nichols Drive)
  • Nichols Drive (Cooper Street to Orchard Drive)
    Mitchell Street (Sunnyvale Drive to New York Avenue)
  • 109th Street (Avenue E to Randol Mill Road)
  • 113th Street (Randol Mill Road to Avenue E)
  • 113th Street (Avenue E to dead end)'

The improvements replaced aging mains with histories of failures. This project is expected to extend the life of the public amenities, reduce maintenance costs, and improve service to the affected areas. After the water and sewer work was completed, the Arlington Department of Public Works and Transportation completed 40,700 square yards of asphalt pavement reclamation. 

The Arlington City Council approved nearly $7.4 million on the improvements in 2018. Those funds came from water, sanitary sewer, street bond funds, as well as the City’s Street Maintenance Sales Tax Fund and Stormwater Utility Fund.

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