Ask the Experts: Globe Life Field Beyond Baseball
By Office of Communication
Posted on October 28, 2020, October 28, 2020

Globe Life Field, the new home of the Texas Rangers, has already proven itself to be a world-class baseball venue. The ballpark hosted the Rangers' regular season home games along with the National League Championship Series and the 2020 World Series. 

But its capabilities go beyond baseball. Rangers Executive Vice President of Sports and Entertainment Sean Decker joined MyArlingtonTV for the latest episode of "Ask the Experts."

Globe Life Field has become the new gold standard for baseball. How do you ensure it also shines as an entertainment venue?

Decker: "From the detail down at the event level to make sure production load-in and load-out is as smooth as possible to the way we designed the seating bowl and some of the special private areas. All really critical to making sure it's world-class event center."

How has COVID-19 changed things?

Decker: "Restroom flow, six feet apart, all these things are super important. Hand sanitizer, more cleaning stations...all super critical to making sure we can give fans the confidence they can get out and congregate the way they used to but responsibly."

What other upcoming events can fans look forward to?

Decker: "As we head into the holiday season we're excited to bring the Super Bowl of rodeos." The ballpark is also hosting the holiday light experience Luminova. 

Decker said the World Series gave Arlington residents a reason to be proud — and look forward to more normal times. "I think the connection to people and the sense of normalcy it brings, that's probably the greatest level of excitement through all this."

Globe Life Field

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