Pets of the Week - Meet Speck and Knuckles
By Carol Weemes, Animal Services
Posted on October 19, 2020, October 19, 2020

Cat of the Week - Meet Speck

This four-year-old male Domestic Short Hair is a white and brown Tabby. A purring machine exists in the form of this cat, Speck. He loves being petted and responds with a very loud purr and “making biscuits”. His purr can even be heard from across the room! He probably would be a lap warming expert his winter. Speck is a VIP adoption with an adoption fee of $25 due to being FIV positive. FIV positive cats can live long, fulfilling lives. It is recommended they live in a clean, stress free, strictly indoor environment with regular visits to the vet. Include lots of love and this cat will shine. “Pawlease” come adopt Speck as your next furry companion. Speck is in Cat Adoptions (CA) 17, with ID number 45862480.

Dog of the Week - Meet Knuckles

This one-and-half-year-old male Rottweiler mix is black and tan in color and weighs 39 pounds. Knuckles is a dog that does not hold back—he is ALL personality. He is treat oriented at least to the extent he will crawl into your lap to get them. Playing with toys is a great pastime for him. Walking well on a leash and obeying the command of “sit” are bonuses. Knuckles has tested as heartworm positive and will need heartworm treatment. More information can be provided at time of adoption. An active household with children would probably be a good match for Knuckles. His adoption fee is only $25. Knuckles is in Dog Adoptions (DA) with ID number 745608566.

Adoption fees include all core vaccinations, alteration, microchip and 30 days free pet insurance.

Pets of the Week
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