Rerouting of Sanitary Sewer in North Arlington Complete
By Traci Peterson, Arlington Water Utilities
Posted on September 24, 2020, September 24, 2020
Water Project Update

Arlington Water Utilities recently completed rerouting a public sanitary sewer main away from Prestonwood Lake in North Arlington. The project, which started in March 2020, improves service for residents on Lakehill Court, Ridgemont Court, and Covebrook Court.

After the private dam at Prestonwood Lake failed in 2018, Arlington Water Utilities studied available options for the sewer main and determined the best long-term solution was to reroute the main northerly, parallel to the stream to the north of Prestonwood Lake, but far enough away to avoid floodplain and erosion issues. The Arlington City Council approved a contract with FM Utilities LLC to construct the new main.

The majority of the new main was installed with horizontal directional drilling, meaning that, other than the starting and the end locations, the sanitary sewer main was be constructed completely underground. It connects to existing infrastructure at Green Oaks Boulevard.

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