Wild About Wildlife Month is Every Day in Arlington
By Carol Weemes, Animal Services
Posted on July 29, 2020, July 29, 2020


In West Arlington, while relaxing and gazing upon nature in the back yard, a beautiful fox appeared, hesitated and looked me straight in the eyes, and then meandered on through the yard. It was an unexpected delight seeing the beautiful creature with the morning light glistening on its fur. 

Random sightings like these seem to be getting more common in Arlington. It is not that surprising when you consider Arlington has over 4,000 acres of thriving park land with 56 paved trails integrated within its boundaries in our community. 

Around the world, July is celebrated as “Wild about Wildlife” month. One look at wildlife sightings maps is eye-opening to learn about some of Arlington’s varieties of wildlife reported, and the frequency of their appearances in Arlington. 

The American Dream City is wild about wildlife, and it offers a comprehensive Urban Wildlife website, with information about different species and what to do if a young or injured wild animal is spotted, along with other pointers about co-existing with wildlife.

If you spot an owl, report it! Or, an alligator (yes, an alligator!), Egret, Monarch butterfly or more, report it! Simply download the Ask Arlington app, and report an Arlington wildlife sighting when you encounter one. Owl was recently added to the species list choices along with Egret/Heron, Monarch butterfly, and snake. 

Almost daily, sightings of a wide variety of Arlington wildlife are logged into the city’s Urban Wildlife reporting maps through the Ask Arlington app. Animal Services is Putting Technology to work in a wildly creative way.  

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