Celebrating Partnership with AISD AG Science Center and Cow Appreciation Day, July 14
By Carol Weemes, Animal Services
Posted on July 10, 2020, July 10, 2020

Join us in celebrating something uniquely fun with Arlington Independent School District’s (AISD’s) Agricultural Science Center students – Cow Appreciation Day! on July 14.

The Cow Appreciation Day moo-vement (pardon the pun) was initiated by Chick-fil-A in 2004, in support of their award-winning marketing campaign featuring the “Eat Mor Chikin” Cows on roadside billboards nationwide. Unfortunately, due to COVID-19, Chick-fil-A will not host their annual event give-a-ways this year. Almost 10M free entrées were received in past years by Chick-fil-A guests that dressed in cow costumes for the event. Hopefully, the coronavirus will moo-ve on out of here, for the celebration to resume next year! 

Every day is cow appreciation day for many of AISDs Agricultural Science Center students in Arlington’s FFA (formerly called Future Farmers of America) educational organization. #CowAppreciationDay

Animal Services began its partnership with AISD’s Dan Dipert Career and Technical Agricultural Science Center in 2019. Chris Huff, the shelter manager and members of the shelter team provide classes about Arlington Animal Services’ operations and services, as well as presentations about parasites, and high-risk rabies carriers. Another lecture provided in partnership with Kristie Miller, founder of Respect A Bull, Inc. teaches about bullying from a Pit Bull’s perspective with her new painting Pitcasso, Ducky.

Student interns from the AISD Agricultural (AG) Science Center worked with Traci Penry, the shelter’s veterinarian technician, serving as assistants as they learned various techniques to become successful veterinarian technicians for the growth and success of their futures.

Two AISD Dan Dipert Career and Technical Center students served at the shelter as pet photographers during this past school year taking photos of both cats and dogs. The team held photo shoots in the center’s pet photography studio, made possible by the Arlington Tomorrow Foundation. Photographs taken of adoptable pets were marketed to potential adopters to showcase the animal’s true personality through the lens of a camera.

This growing AISD institute delivers great educational and leadership opportunities and inspires student success. See the DreamBuilders video about this program.

The following is a quote from the AISD AG Science Center’s Cattle Advisor, Shelby Hale:

“The Arlington FFA Chapter has grown their livestock project programs over the past 3 years, especially the cattle program. Things looked a little different in the barn last year with the addition of market steer projects to the cattle projects. With the support of AISD, our students were able to continue this new project despite the world pandemic. In March, four students picked up their market steer projects and hit the ground running. We have now added three more breeding heifers to our program with the intention of having more calves this coming Spring. These projects help our students learn so much about responsibility, teamwork, but most importantly proper care and treatment of these animals. From daily feeding, grooming, and exercising these animals all the way to maintaining their health is a large responsibility for these students. With our students learning to take care of these animals, it helps advocate for proper animal care all over the city of Arlington and opens many doors for our students to further their education in the Animal Science Industry.”

This partnership continues to enhance student achievements and growth in various ways. A huge accomplishment this year was two amazing students completing their Veterinarian Technician certifications, in part through the leadership of Penry at the shelter. 

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