Do I Need A Permit? A DIY Guide
By Office of Communication
Posted on July 09, 2020, July 09, 2020

As families find themselves spending more time at home, many people are choosing to tackle projects around the house. Whether you’re a DIY expert or learning as you go, the City of Arlington is here to help.

While many projects can be done without a permit, larger jobs will need approval from the City’s Planning & Development Services Team. This step helps ensure the work is done safely, and the finished product can last for years to come. It’s just one of the ways we champion great neighborhoods in Arlington.

Our team has put together everything you need to know about the permitting process at Or, call the Planning and Development Services Department at (817)459-6502.

We’ve also created a quick guide of things to consider before starting your next project. 

Fences, Patios and Storage Sheds
Things to consider:

Project sizing or length

  • Lot area coverage
  • Over 100 square feet requires a permit for a storage shed
  • Fence replacements less than 50 percent of one side does not require a permit

Location on your property

  • Utility easements and setbacks – please refer to your site survey or hire someone to survey your lot
  • Corner lots and major streets – may impact the location and material

Electricity, plumbing

 Materials allowed

  •  The City has certain requirements regarding materials allowed for your project
  •  Fence- More common allowed materials, wood, masonry, metal posts


  •  The city does not permit structures to be placed within any setbacks
  •  Please check the city’s Online Zoning Map for your property’s zoning and the Unified Development Code Section 2.2 for setbacks, or call 817-459-6502 to learn more

Drive Approaches and Carports
Things to consider:

 Drive Approaches 

  •  We always recommend you hire a licensed professional contractor to do this work for safety reasons
  •  Homeowners insurance does not cover the insurance requirements necessary for a homeowner DIY


  •  The year the house was built determines if a carport can be constructed
  •  If you plan to put a carport in your front yard, the City has requirements regarding placement, size, material, and whether it will be freestanding or connected to your home
  •  Call our main number, 817-459-6502, and ask for the Planner, or see the City’s Unified Development Code Section 3.3.6 for more

Small Remodeling Projects
Things to consider:

 Cosmetic work

  •  Cosmetic work such as repair or replacing flooring, wallpaper, paint, does not need a permit

Doors and windows

  • We recommend filling out our Door and Window worksheet
  •  A permit and the worksheet will be needed to change windows and exterior doors
  •  The worksheet will be a guide to help you when shopping

 Larger projects

  •  More common home changes such as kitchen and bath remodels, wall removals, garage conversion and changes to the existing framework of the home require a permit
  •  For safety reasons, the City recommends hiring a licensed professional contractor to do this work

 Click here to learn more and get your project started.

Permit receiving stamp of approval

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