The Unity Council is a standing committee appointed by the City Council that strives to:

  1. Monitor the implementation of the recommendations of the Unity Council Report issued in February 2021, including monitoring City departmental equity and equality efforts; advance unity in the City through communication, education, and programming; and fulfill other actions and duties as may be necessary to carry out the functions of the Unity Council.
  2. Make additional recommendations to the City Council to promote equity and equality in the City; to eliminate racism and other forms of discrimination; and to identify ways to support the needs of diverse communities, including but not limited to individuals with disabilities, LGBT individuals, and senior or aging individuals.
  3. Promote equity progress through bi-annual updates to the City’s Chief Equity Officer and City Council, or as otherwise requested by the City Council, and at other City events and community meetings.

Membership: 10 members

Appointment: Mayor and City Council

Meetings: The frequency and specifics of meetings will be determined by the Council once the Council is in place.