#8CantWait Response to Community
By Christopher Cook
Posted on June 09, 2020, June 09, 2020
The Arlington Police Department has fielded community questions related to the #8CANTWAIT project. For broad awareness, it is believed this project originated from Campaign Zero to prevent police misconduct during force incidents. More information on the project can be found at https://8cantwait.org.

The Arlington Police Department believes that the agency is consistent with adherence to these policy recommendations. The department has provided the most up-to-date Use of Force policy to the organizers of this project so that the city section can be updated to reflect this belief on their website. As a reference point, the department has disseminated the below social media graphic to the public to raise awareness on this topic.  

“Maintaining the public’s trust is critical for police departments as they grapple with the emotions and genuine frustrations people have with policing,” said Interim Police Chief Jaime Ayala. “We believe we are in a good position to address the many questions that we are receiving based upon the caliber of training and policies that are already in place in Arlington. We are also open to expanded community conversations to analyze our current practices and policies to ensure they are reflective of what the community expects.”

For further reference, you can read the department's current Use of Force policy by clicking here
8 Can't Wait APD Response 
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