Automotive Related Business ProgramAutomotive Related Businesses can be some of the largest generators of hazardous waste and can directly or indirectly impact surface water quality. The City of Arlington’s ARB program was created in April 2017 and is implemented in three parts:

  • Facility verification
  • Facility inspection
  • Education and Monitoring.

Environmental Management is responsible for ensuring shop owners/operators are meeting the compliance regulations and does so by providing compliance guide, educational materials and enforcement actions when needed. As a regulatory agency, the City of Arlington performs routine site inspections to identify potential discharges from shop activities and education materials that can be posted in shop areas and distributed to shop employees.

TCEQ – Potential Permits, Licenses, Registrations Associated with Automotive Related Businesses

The TCEQ and federal government have a variety of environmental laws designed to help ARBs become environmental efficient so reduce pollution and protect public health. ARBs can find access the TCEQ Permits and Licenses You Might Need webpage to identify what, if any, permits, licenses or registrations are required for your facility.

Permits and Licenses ARBs Might Need

Compliance Tools

The TCEQ has developed a guides and resource materials to help Automotive Related Businesses find the information they need and to meet the compliance requirements for their facility.