City Completes Stormwater Improvements, Bridge Maintenance Projects
By Nina Sherer, Arlington Public Works and Transportation
Posted on April 30, 2020, April 30, 2020

Your Money in Action

The Stormwater Division of the Public Works and Transportation Department is proud to announce that work to maintain our infrastructure at four separate locations has recently been completed ahead of schedule. The 2017 Miscellaneous Maintenance and 2017 Bridge Maintenance projects addressed issues at the Green Hill Channel in southeast Arlington, Dugan and Beady Bridges, and the Ballpark Way overpass.

Improvements at the Green Hill Channel consisted of replacing nearly 3,100 square yards of failing concrete channel including the replacement of the channel bottom underneath the Allen Avenue Bridge. Work at the Dugan and Beady Bridges and Ballpark Way overpass consisted of replacing portions of the concrete slope protection under and around the bridge decks. Rock riprap was also placed in the creek beds at the Dugan and Beady locations to protect the bridges from erosion.

The City of Arlington’s Stormwater Management program includes inspection and maintenance of approximately 19,000 inlets, 590 miles of drainage pipe, 820 bridges and culverts, and 90 miles of improved concrete channels. Maintenance activities can include cleaning up graffiti, removing sediment and debris from our system, minor repairs, or major repairs like the ones completed in this project. Maintenance helps the existing stormwater system continue to reduce flooding around the City.

Funding for these projects and the Stormwater Management Program is provided by revenues collected through the Stormwater Utility Fees imposed on developed properties. The City of Arlington’s Stormwater Management program includes construction of drainage projects to reduce flooding, maintenance of the existing drainage systems, floodplain management, environmental protection, and community outreach. New drainage and maintenance projects are identified through watershed studies, maintenance records, and reports of localized flooding.

Click here to learn more about the City’s Stormwater Management Program.

Residents can learn more about roadway, drainage, and water projects currently under construction throughout Arlington using the City’s interactive Street Tracker map. This tool integrates live data so that up-to-date project information is always available.

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