Arlington Community Unites To Honor Front Line Workers With Downtown Displays
By Britton Merritt, Arlington Chamber of Commerce
Posted on April 17, 2020, April 17, 2020

On Wednesday night, April 15, Downtown Arlington’s Dream sculpture lit up blue for the first time in support of all of the essential workers during this unprecedented time. By Thursday afternoon, just a few dozen feet away, 45 American flags were placed in the lawn of the Levitt Pavilion soaring with American pride. The display, titled The Spirit Lives, visually represents our veterans’ support of those fighting on the front lines against the virus.

“As Mayor of this kind and generous city, I speak for all residents when it comes to thanking the men and women on the front lines helping us defeat COVID-19,” said Arlington Mayor Jeff Williams. “Our hospital workers, first responders, firefighters and law enforcement have always been heroes and they continue to step up and answer the call to keep our citizens healthy and safe. I’m proud to see the Arlington community honor them with this display. It’s who we are.”

An act of this magnitude may have popped up overnight, but it took the coordination of groups across our city who all wanted to show their support for our citizens on the front lines.

With a call across the country to light up our cities blue in support of our front line workers, the Downtown Arlington Management Corporation reached out to 3Di Sign + Design to light up the Dream sculpture. In response, Paul Fulks, Owner & Founder of 3Di, not only made it his first priority to light up the sign quickly and safely, he also donated all the materials and labor in support of the effort.

“As a small business owner and patron of Arlington, it was significant to show our support to those on the front lines; hospital staff, police, fire, and first responders,” said Paul Fulks, “As a veteran, it hit home even more. Seeing the flags flying on the Levitt Pavilion lawn is a reminder of those that fought so hard, for the many freedoms and liberties we sometimes take for granted.”

“Arlington’s police and fire, our medical workers – our Dream sculpture is to honor them, and remind everyone of our collective sacrifices to save lives during this time,” said Maggie Campbell, “Downtown Arlington is so grateful to Paul and his company for their generosity, and for everyone working on our community’s front lines.”

With the blue glow of the Dream sculpture top-of-mind, the Levitt Pavilion wanted to get involved in the celebration, and their board of directors began thinking of ways the Levitt Pavilion Arlington could be supportive of the community during this time. Levitt board member Paul Fulks, who is also a veteran of the US Navy, took this call to support our front lines to his friends at Greater Arlington Chamber.

The Greater Arlington Chamber Veterans Business Council felt that same call, and Clete McAlister, President of the Arlington Veterans Memorial Foundation, had a fantastic idea for his council colleagues – to use the flags from the Field of Honor and repurpose them for Veterans to show their support.

“I served with heroes so I recognize them when I see them,” said Clete McAlister, “The first responders and medical personnel working on our behalf now qualify and should be recognized for being the heroes they are.”

Fulks and McAlister along with three other members of the Greater Arlington Chamber Veterans Business Council were on the lawn of the Levitt on Thursday morning as the sun rose installing the 45 American flags in the shape of a cross.

“The Levitt staff and board are thrilled to be able to join in the support and celebration of the medical community, all essential workers and first responders. It is so nice to see movement of USA flags flowing freely on the Levitt Pavilion lawn,” said Letatia Tekyl, Executive Director of the Levitt Pavillion Arlington.

“As the spouse of a nurse, it really hits home the daily struggles our healthcare providers are faced with during this time,” said Veterans Business Council Chairman Jack Webb, “As veterans, we have seen things and struggled through many challenges. During and after those times, it is always great to know that others are supporting your efforts. It is our hope that this small gesture will let all of those on the front lines know that we are here for them now, and we will be here for them when this is over.”

The Chamber is witnessing groups, companies and business leaders come together to show support. We’re so grateful to represent the business community of the American Dream City where the synergy and connectivity is palpable.

“Although we are in the midst of challenging times, it’s been incredible to see our community come together to lift each other up,” said Chamber President & CEO Michael Jacobson, “Our community will come out of this stronger because of our awesome power to rally together. Together, We Succeed.”

The Spirit Lives banner

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