Arlington Parks Delivering Hundreds of Meals to Seniors
By Arlington Parks and Recreation
Posted on April 01, 2020, April 01, 2020

Arlington Parks, in partnership with Sixty and Better, pivots with the pandemic to continue to provide meals to Seniors in need.

Even though Arlington Parks’ Senior Center-New York is closed the work still goes on to feed those participating in their Lunch Program.

Prior to COVID-19 the Lunch Program at Senior Center-New York provided daily meals on-site to Seniors. Meals are provided by Sixty and Better, Inc.
Sixty and Better was created in Tarrant County in 1967 with the mission to empower older adults to live with purpose, independence, and dignity. The weekday meal program was initiated with a goal of reducing isolation and hunger by providing a safe place for older adults to meet for friendship and nutritious meals at Activity and Senior Centers.

Arlington Parks has been in partnership with Sixty and Better for over 10 years. Senior Center-New York currently has 49 participants in their Lunch Program. Qualification for this program is based on income and household. At this time, the program is not taking on new participants.

In light of the pandemic, a contingency plan was developed and Arlington Parks began the distribution of nutritious meals to Senior Center-New York participants the week of March 16, 2020.

The first delivery was 50 boxes of frozen meals to Senior Center-New York, each box contained 5 frozen meals, frozen juice and milk. Staff from Arlington Parks along with a volunteer from Sixty and Better drove to each senior’s house and hand delivered meals.

On Friday, March 24, 100 boxes were delivered, each box containing a 1 week supply of shelf stable food. Each senior received 2 boxes, providing 2 weeks worth of food.

Staff and Volunteers went through special Coronavirus training, and throughout the meal deliveries maintained a distance of 6-ft, wore gloves, and frequently used hand sanitizer and disinfectant wipes.
Due to the fluidity of the situation, adjustments will continue to be made to ensure needs of participants are met without compromising their health and safety.

Citizens can donate to Sixty and Better or find out more about the program and how to get involved.


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