Arlington Establishes Moment of Honor for American Heroes
By National Medal of Honor Museum Foundation, Office of Communication
Posted on March 24, 2020, March 24, 2020

Moment of HonorAhead of National Medal of Honor Day Wednesday, March 25, 33 cities in Texas, including Arlington, issued proclamations to establish a ‘Moment of Honor’ at 3:25 p.m. in honor of America’s Medal of Honor recipients. The inaugural Moment of Honor is being organized by the National Medal of Honor Museum Foundation (NMOHMF) and will bring together Americans to reflect upon the bravery of these great heroes.

“We are incredibly proud to have 33 partners across Texas join us for this inaugural Moment of Honor to give thanks to Medal of Honor recipients and reflect on the uniquely American values they represent,” said NMOHMF President and CEO Joe Daniels. “These heroes gave so much to protect our nation, and we are committed to preserving their stories for all to honor and learn from. By establishing a ‘Moment of Honor’ on National Medal of Honor Day, we will bring together our country each year to contemplate the service of those who have done so much to protect and preserve our way of life.”

Arlington is the NMOHMF’s partner in North Texas and the site of its future home. Arlington Mayor Jeff Williams officially designated the Moment of Honor as “3:25 PM on Medal of Honor Day, March the 25th, 2020, when our city and our citizens will remember the sacrifices and heroic acts of those brave individuals who have received this high honor.” Click here to watch the proclamation. 

The NMOHMF is on a mission to inspire America by honoring the lives, actions and values of our nation’s Medal of Honor recipients through the creation of a museum in Arlington and national monument in our nation’s capital. For National Medal of Honor Day this year, the Museum is asking all Americans to join together in honoring Medal of Honor recipients by:

  • Watching the Foundations ‘Moment of Honor’ video at and taking a moment of quiet reflection upon the actions and bravery of our nation’s Medal of Honor recipients.
  • Making a poster or writing a letter about what National Medal of Honor Day means to you. Post it to social media, and be sure to use the hashtags #MedalOfHonor, #MedalOfHonorDay, #MOH325, #MomentOfHonor.
  • Fly your American flag on March 25 for National Medal of Honor Day. Post a photo on social media using the hashtags #MedalOfHonor, #MedalOfHonorDay, #MOH325, #MomentOfHonor.
  • Support the National Medal of Honor Museum Foundation in its mission and sign up for the group's newsletter.

The National Medal of Honor Museum will be built in Arlington's Entertainment District and is scheduled to open in 2024. 

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