Keep Pets Safe During Poison Prevention Week (March 15-21) and Always
By Carol Weemes, Arlington Animal Services
Posted on March 17, 2020, March 17, 2020

Pet Poison Awareness Week 

A pill drops on the floor. The race is on – or, hopefully you have a well-behaved pet that responds to “no”, “back”, or “leave it”. Medications may be colorful or have a sweet outer coating that can entice a dog or cat. Even worse is a pill that drops to the floor by accident, unnoticed, only to be discovered by a best furry friend.

Unintended ingestion of medication is one of the leading causes of pet poisoning.

Medications, foods and plants are just some of the possible dangers for pets.

It’s best to keep your pet in another room when cleaning floors with liquid cleaners. Not just so they don’t track on your nice, clean floor, but to protect them from substances that may get on their paw pads and licked.

It is also important to practice good pet safety when spreading yard fertilizers or other lawn products. Neighborhood walks or playtime at a dog park are options in the interim when a treated yard is not yet ready for playful, snooping pets.

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The best defense for protecting pets from poisons of all types is to be well-informed and proactive with their care.

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