Pets of the Week – Meet Zeus & Mark
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Posted on February 03, 2020, February 03, 2020

Dog of the Week – Meet Zeus

This three and half year old male Australian Shepherd mix is brown and white in color and weighs 56 pounds. Nothing seems to slow down this guy-not even the fact that he has only three legs! While he is playful, he really likes for you to give him belly rubs. He walks well on a leash and knows the commands of sit and down. Zeus tested positive for heartworm disease. When adopted, information can be provided on low cost treatment options. Since Australian shepherds tend to get along well with other pets, he probably would do well with a family that has other furry companions. Zeus was a chief figure in Greek mythology—make this Zeus a chief figure in your household by adopting him. Meet Zeus in Dog Adoptions (DA) 11, his ID number is 43668317.

Cat of the Week – Meet Mark

This two year old male Domestic Shorthair is a red Tabby. When first meeting Mark, one needs to be very patient. While it takes him a while to be comfortable enough to interact with you, he will respond to you by head butting and a very loud purr. Mark is more laid back and doesn’t seem very interested in playtime. He would probably do best in a quiet household where he could reign supreme as the only feline. Mark your calendar to come to the shelter and adopt a new furry companion. Meet Mark in Cat Adoptions (CA) 9, his ID number is 4352050.

Adoption fees include all core vaccinations, alteration, microchip and 30 days free pet insurance.

Pets of the week

Pets of the Week
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