Pets of the Week - Meet Seal & McCoy
By Office of Communication
Posted on January 27, 2020, January 27, 2020

Dog of the Week – Meet McCoy

This ten and half month old male Plott Hound mix is black, tan and brindle in color and weighs 50 pounds. Looking for the real McCoy in the form of a good furry companion? Our McCoy could be the one you need. This fine specimen of a dog seems to have had some training as he knows the commands of sit, stay and backup plus he walks well on a leash. Being active is in his wheelhouse as well. McCoy loves to play with toys, so much so that he will pick playtime over being petted. A family ready to adopt an active, intelligent dog should come check out McCoy. Meet McCoy in Dog Adoptions (DA) 19, his ID number is 43570567.

Cat of the Week – Meet Seal

This two year old male Domestic Shorthair is a brown and grey Tabby. Seal is a shy cat that will warm up to your attention. Your patience will be rewarded by taking the time to encourage him to interact with you. Once he gets comfortable with you, Seal really enjoys being stroked on the cheeks and head. He will arch up to meet your outstretched hand and will purr quietly. He sometimes will be vocal about needing your attention. Seal the deal by adopting this cat as your next companion. Meet Seal in Cat Adoptions (CA) 3, his ID number is 43556831.

Adoption fees include all core vaccinations, alteration, microchip and 30 days free pet insurance.

Pets of the week

Pets of the Week
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