Arlington Residents No Longer Required to Print Annual Landfill Coupons for Redemption
By Jennifer Shaver, Garbage and Recycling Division
Posted on December 11, 2019, December 11, 2019

Arlington Landfill

Beginning in January 2020, Arlington residents will no longer be required to print their two annual landfill coupons for redemption at the Arlington landfill.

Instead, primary water bill account holders will be able to automatically redeem their landfill coupon directly at the Arlington landfill by providing a valid Texas drivers license or valid Texas ID at the scale house when bringing in a residential load. The primary account holder's driver's license or ID must match the ID used for your water account. Please contact the Action Center at 817-459-6777 to update outdated water bill account information.

Primary account holders will also be able to add or remove authorized users residing at the residence on the landfill coupon page. Please note that authorized users must be living at the home and their driver's license/ID address must match the address of the residence in order to redeem.

Look for a water bill insert going out this month for further information and bookmark the landfill coupon page for official launch information. Until then, please continue to redeem and print your coupons by following the instructions on the landfill coupon page. Please email us at with any questions regarding the redemption process.

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