Pets of the Week - Meet Boudreaux and Zachary
By Office of Communication
Posted on October 21, 2019, October 21, 2019

Dog of the Week – Meet Boudreaux

This five year old male Great Dane mix is black and white in color and weighs 86 pounds. Come meet this gentle giant of a dog. Boudreaux is a favorite here at the shelter due to his demeanor, but he needs to find a new “fur-ever” home. He notices everyone that comes in the front door and tries to convince them to choose him. He’s very friendly and very active for his age. Like most Great Danes, he thinks he’s a lap dog and likes to “lean into” your leg. A loving family willing to adopt Boudreaux would make his wishes come true. There’s still time to take advantage of our $25.00 adoption fees continuing for the month of October. Meet Boudreaux at Dog Condo (DC) 1, his ID number is 42866057.

Cat of the Week – Meet Zachary

This five and half month old male is a solid blue Domestic Shorthair. Young Zachary can be somewhat shy upon first meeting, but he is easily coaxed to be petted. While he doesn’t actively seek out a chance to lap sit, he will allow you to hold him while you pet him. He likes to be rubbed on the cheeks and shoulders and responds with a good solid purr. Zachary is waiting patiently for a loving family to adopt him so he can settle into a new “purr-ever” home. Come adopt Zachary while all animal adoptions during the month of October are only $25.00. Meet Zachary in Cat Adoptions (CA) 5, his ID number is 42901851.

Adoption fees include all core vaccinations, alteration, microchip and 30 days free pet insurance.

Pets of the week

Pets of the Week
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