Pets of the Week - Meet Susie Q & Kitty Poppins
By Office of Communication
Posted on September 09, 2019, September 09, 2019

Dog of the Week – Meet Susie Q

Susie Q is our chosen dog of the week. This eight and a half year old female retriever mix is brown and white in color and weighs 81 pounds. Although she might move a little slower than her younger counterparts, Susie Q still likes to play with toys. If you have a stuffed toy in your hand she will “request” (with a bark) that you throw it for her and will even “sit” in anticipation. Upon retrieving the toy, Susie Q is more apt to play with it and not bring it back to you. After playtime, she really appreciates attention being paid to her. A new “furever” home with a family willing to shower her with love and attention is on Susie Q’s wish list. Adopting her will have you singing, “Oh, Susie Q, baby I love you, oh, Susie Q". Meet Susie Q in Dog Adoptions (DA) 7, his ID number is 42518528.

Cat of the Week – Meet Kitty Poppins

Kitty Poppins is our chosen cat of the week. This two year old female domestic shorthair is a blue and red tortoiseshell. Upon first glance at Kitty Poppins, you would think she had been dusted with a light coating of powder. Her tortoiseshell coloring is lighter than most which makes her stand out. She purrs profusely when stroked and kneads as well. Being held does not seem to bother her. She can be coaxed into playtime but seems to prefer just checking out her surroundings. This Kitty Poppins would probably do best in a quieter household. Adopting Kitty Poppins will have you proclaiming, “Super-CAT-ifragilisticexpialidocious! Meet Kitty Poppins in Cat Adoptions (CA) 22, her ID number is 42502251.

Adoption fees include all core vaccinations, alteration, microchip and 30 days free pet insurance.

Pets of the Week – Meet Tobias & Lulu

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