Arlington Using Technology to Save Residents Time and Money
By Office of Communication
Posted on August 06, 2019, August 06, 2019

Tracking your water usage and paying your bill has never been easier, thanks to new technology now available to Arlington residents.

The City of Arlington puts technology to work every day to make The American Dream City a better place to live, learn, work and play. 

It is that commitment to data and evidence that earned Arlington the 2019 What Works Cities certification from Bloomberg Philanthropies. The group rates how well cities are managed by measuring the extent to which leaders incorporate data and evidence in their decision-making. Arlington was the only Texas city to receive the honor. 

In the latest quarterly City Council priority newsletter, learn how Arlington is putting technology to work by allowing residents to monitor their water usage through the Know Your H2O program. Residents can now sign up to receive e-mail alerts when they approach a self-determined usage level.

Developers and builders can now save a trip to City Hall thanks to Arlington's new Electronic Plan Review. The program allows customers to submit plans and permit applications electronically, saving time and money. The program is also featured in this quarter's newsletter.

The Arlington City Council has identified "Put Technology to Work" as one of five priorities. Technology is an essential aspect of daily life and has quite the impact on our organization, residents, visitors and businesses. It is also integral in achieving the City's other priorities: Invest in Our Economy, Support Youth and Families, Enhance Regional Mobility and Champion Great Neighborhoods.

Put technology to work

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