September 6, 2016, Arlington's City Council appointed a Transportation Advisory Committee (TAC), composed of 31 residents and stakeholders.

The TAC served in a temporary advisory capacity for the future of transportation in the City of Arlington. During a series of meetings over twelve months, the TAC articulated community needs and issues, gathered information, analyzed data, and brainstormed potential solutions to develop a strategic approach to frame future decisions by City Council related to transportation in Arlington.

TAC Members

  • Bill Verkest, Chair
  • Tim Beary
  • Esteban Blanco
  • Bill Coppola
  • Raul Gonzalez
  • Syed Hassan
  • Michael Hill
  • Greg Hladik
  • Michael Jacobson
  • Cynthia Jensen
  • Tom Lehrman
  • Lorie Lisius
  • Chad Martindale
  • Steve Martindale
  • Peggy Masters
  • Rob Matwick
  • Steve McCollum
  • Kate McGee
  • Jim Monroe
  • Nesha Morey
  • Jan Porter
  • Willie Rankin
  • Bryan Roberts
  • Russell Schaffner
  • Deborah Spell
  • David Tesmer
  • Bethany Tinderholt
  • Paul Turner
  • Greg Vaquera
  • Susan Wright
  • Steve Wurm

Plans and Maps

Regional Resources

Financial Data


Alicia Winkelblech, AICP
Transportation Director

Ann Foss, Ph.D., AICP
Planning and Programming Manager