Arlington Museum of Art Set to Open New Exhibit Featuring Andy Warhol
By Reginald Lewis - Office of Communication
Posted on November 05, 2015, November 05, 2015
New Exhibit Featuring Andy Warhol

Beginning Saturday, November 21, 2015, the Arlington Museum of Art will house the Modern Masters from the Guild Hall collection, a must-see for contemporary art fans in The American Dream City.

This exhibition will feature work by 60 artists including Andy Warhol, Robert Rauschenberg, Jackson Pollock, Roy Lichtenstein, Willem de Kooning, and Robert Motherwell.

Modern art has brought a fresh and unconventional approach to the creative community, expressing the loves, hates, ideas, beliefs, interests, passions, strengths, and weaknesses of a generation emerging in the mid-Twentieth Century.

This exhibit will explore traditional mediums of art, outside the box, and how the art world embraced the work that represents a movement that changed the face of fine art in America.

The exhibit will be open to the public until Sunday, February 21, 2016. Arlington Museum of Art is located at 201 West Main Street Arlington, TX 76010. For more information, please call 817-275-4600.

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