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Arlington Museum Officially Unveils Star of Texas Art Project
By Ryan Hunt
Posted on November 23, 2015, November 23, 2015

The Arlington Museum of Art unveiled its Star of Texas art exhibit to the public this past this Friday, November 20, 2015, with a reception in Downtown.

The project includes 20 fiberglass stars that will be positioned throughout Arlington's Cultural Arts District, Downtown and Entertainment District. Residents will start to see the stars being installed in December, but you can see them all in advance in the slide show at the top of the article.

The stars were designed by local artist Chris Cunningham and are individual pieces of art celebrating the city's brand, Arlington: The American Dream City. Texas artists were invited earlier this year to submit their interpretation of how they would depict the American Dream in Arlington.

The $150,000 project was made possible by donations, including $50,000 by each the Arlington Tomorrow Foundationand Women Inspiring Philanthropy.

You can watch the City's "Culture Buzz" segment, showcasing the process of how one artist went about painting her star.

Chris Hightower, the museum's Executive Director, announced at the reception that the museum has secured a $550,000 gift to retire the mortgage on the building, the largest single gift the museum has ever received.

Star of Texas Art Project
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