Brad Cecil and Associates Support the New Downtown Library
By Arlington Public Library
Posted on April 21, 2017, April 21, 2017

Downtown Library

Brad and Sue Cecil of Brad Cecil and Associates are breaking down barriers in Arlington through their support of the new George W. Hawkes Downtown Library. The fundraising consulting firm has donated $25,000 towards the new building, which is scheduled to open to the public in summer of 2018.

The Cecils have been Arlington residents since 1991. After raising children in Arlington, they're driven to support other local families. "The Downtown Library will keep breaking down the digital divide in the community," says Brad Cecil. The digital divide is the gap in resources found between people who have computer and Internet access, and those do not.

Although the Cecils were already library supporters, they were motivated to increase their donation after hearing of a family who came to the library every day after school. "It was the only place where they could get online to do their homework," Cecil described. "When we heard that story, we knew we wanted to give more."

Brad Cecil and Associates' donation supports one of the Downtown Library's new meeting rooms, which will be named in their honor.

Click here to learn more about the new Downtown Library, including other naming opportunities.

Downtown Library
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