Meet Sphero, the Arlington Public Library’s Newest Robots
By Arlington Public Library
Posted on April 18, 2017, April 18, 2017

 Public Library

The Arlington Public Library was awarded the Best Buy Community Development grant in 2016 and has used these funds to purchase 24 Sphero robots.

Sphero robots look like no other robot you have ever seen; they are created by the same company who brought us the adorably personable BB-8 from the new Star Wars franchise. The library is adding Sphero to our existing lineup of robotics programs, as well as using them to reach out to Arlington's teens.

Sphero robots are durable, with a hard, waterproof case that prevents breakage. They are a clear sphere, so the computer within giving them the ability roll around can be easily seen. There are no small pieces and no assembly is required. The challenge is in coding them to navigate them through mazes, swim in small pools and roll up and down bridges.

Sphero & The Spectrum, a program carefully planned for teens on the Autism spectrum, is the first event scheduled with the new robots. Sphero robots have been used in special needs classrooms worldwide.

We look forward to expanding our programming through Sphero to reach a wider teen audience. As with all of our programs our aim is to create an inclusive and supportive environment at the library: a place where all feel comfortable and empowered to use technology.

Click here to learn about all upcoming teen events.

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