Arlington Park Receives Free Trees As Part of Texas 811 Awareness Campaign
By Desire' Lynn Nesmith
Posted on February 29, 2016, February 29, 2016

Arlington Park Receives Free Trees As Part of Texas 811 Awareness Campaign

Cities across the state, including Arlington, are receiving free trees as part of an effort to raise awareness about Texas 811.

Atmos Energy, in partnership with the Texas Trees Foundation and Texas 811, is planting 811 trees across the state in an initiative to educate property owners about the importance of calling before they dig.

The public awareness initiative began on August 11, 2015 and aims to have all 811 trees planted before National Safe Digging Month in April 2016. Texas 811 is a statewide resource and provides free services to property owners, contractors, construction companies, and anyone in the state of Texas who may be looking to dig into the ground. Once 811 is notified, professional locators will come to the requested area to mark the location of underground utility lines to allow for safe digging.

"The 811 number is designated in Texas, as it is across the United States, for people to call to have underground utilities located prior to any underground digs or excavation," said Scott Finley, Media and Public Relations Manager for Texas 811. "Many people believe it applies only to businesses, but it also applies to homeowners, farmers, ranchers, and anyone looking to dig underground."

On Monday, February 29, 47 trees were planted at S.J. Stovall Park, 2800 West Sublett Road, in Arlington.

The 811 trees planted will have an estimated value of $3.9 million over their lifetime in terms of pollution removal, clean air and water, and keeping helping keep Texas cooler, organizers said.

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