Clear the Shelters Day Made Dreams Come True for 94 Adopted Pets in Arlington
By Carol Weemes
Posted on August 20, 2018, August 20, 2018

Adopted Pets

Kris Humenuk with her grandson Levi and new family member Minnie at Clear the Shelters Day on August 18, 2018.

Arlington Animal Services adopted a total of 94 pets into homes at Clear the Shelters Day on Saturday, August 18.

Stories abounded as the line grew at Arlington Animal Services in anticipation of the doors opening at 9:30 a.m. for this special event.

At 7 a.m., Kris Humenuk was ready. Humenuk had seen a dog named Minnie the day before at the shelter that looked almost exactly like her dog, Lady, who recently crossed the rainbow bridge at 19 years of age.

Humenuk was first in line, holding the first number drawn, with her grandson Levi by her side on this special day. "My house feels so empty," a tearful Humenuk said, in hopes that Minnie was still available for adoption.

Animal Services opened its doors to Humenuk and several others to be escorted inside to be paired with a volunteer serving as their own personal shopper. About 50 more guests were entertained with a movie and popcorn in the community room as they waited for their numbers to be called.

Humenuk was thrilled to get the news she was hoping for and was led to a Meet and Greet room to visit with Minnie. As Minnie was brought into the room tears of happiness erupted. "She looks like my Lady reincarnated," said Humenuk, "that's my baby come back!" The bond was immediate and endearing. "I'm going to see if she will fit in my purse for church tomorrow, so I don't have to leave her alone."

Adopted Pets in Arlington

Jalen Burton with kitten Batman, and his grandmother holding his keepsake complimentary photo by Roderick Cordova of Roderick Cordova Photography.

Jalen Burton, a 10-year-old aspiring musician, came to Clear the Shelters Day with his grandmother. The boy quickly matched with a two-month-old kitten, which he decided to name Batman. Jody, who has volunteered at every Animal Services Clear the Shelters day event, provided Jalen with lots of good advice and instructions on how to care for his new kitten.

Roderick Cordova of Roderick Cordova Photography was on scene capturing wonderful photos of each adopted pet with their new owner during Saturday's event. When Jalen appeared with Batman for their photo, Cordova instantly recognized the promising musician, who he had seen perform at the Levitt Pavilion. "He's going to be a famous musician," Cordova said. Jalen, relishing his new kitten, responded back, "I'm going to take him with me."

Another dream come true and an Act of Kindness bestowed by a woman who adopted a Chihuahua for her dear friend who has seizures. The woman named Sue said she wanted to bring joy to her friend, who recently had her dog stolen.

The stories were boundless - and each unique.

Animal Services staff, volunteers, and sponsors worked tirelessly throughout the day helping make the day a success. Each new pet owner was provided goodies for the new addition to their family. Golden PAWS volunteers accepted donations for their homemade treasures.

Arlington Animal Services is thankful for each person and organization that participated in the event - all the community partners that helped from behind the scenes to every step along the way. The partnerships, sponsorships, volunteers, and all that choose to adopt truly made Clear the Shelters day inspirational.

At last check on the Clear the Shelters website over 1,200 shelters across the country adopted over 86,870 pets during this nationwide event.

View photos of the event.

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