Wild Moments Behind the Scenes at Clear the Shelters Day
By Carol Weemes
Posted on August 23, 2018, August 23, 2018


While volunteers and staff were busy helping 94 adoptable pets find new homes on Clear the Shelters Day on August 18, 2018, there were some wild moments behind the scenes. Yes, a baby raccoon is pictured above -in the arms of a trained professional -during all the other activity taking place on Clear the Shelters day.

Arlington Animal Services Code Compliance Officer and Bite Investigator Brittany Clark began her day with a call to the receiving area where a baby raccoon (also referred to as a cub or kit) was brought in by a resident that found the wild animal outside their home.

When the orphaned raccoon was brought to the shelter, Clark first verified if the animal had possibly exposed anyone to rabies. Next, she began triaging the vulnerable animal, and then found a licensed rehabilitator to continue the cub's care. Keeping residents' safe is part of Clark's job.

For the shelter field staff, it was another day as usual. Animal Services field staff encounters everything from baby raccoons like this one, to an actual Arlington alligator and many other species of wildlife. See maps of urban wildlife reported in Arlington here.

"Sometimes doing nothing for an orphaned animal is best!" said Animal Services Field Operations Manager Ray Rentschler. "No one can take care of a baby better than mom."


Raccoons are known to be one of the top five rabies carriers in the State of Texas. The Center for Disease Control reported that in 2015 bats were the most frequently reported rabid wild life, followed by raccoons, skunks, and foxes in the United States.

Be safe. Be sure your pets are vaccinated against rabies and license your Arlington pet each year. Secure pet doors at night and keep chimney tops and attic openings protected to help prevent uninvited visitors. Many more tips for reducing wildlife at home are found here.

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