Arlington Wins Statewide Best Tasting Water Contest
By Office of Communication
Posted on March 13, 2012, March 13, 2012

The next time you're reaching into your refrigerator for bottled water, you might want to instead turn around and try a little of the good stuff coming out of your tap.

Arlington's water has once again been recognized for being among the best-tasting in the biz, following a statewide win in the "best-tasting surface water" category at the annual Statewide Best Tasting Water contest, sponsored by the Laboratory Analyst Section of the Texas Water Utilities Association.

The competition was held at the TWUA's Annual School, an industry professional development event held last week in Corpus Christi. Winners were selected on the basis of a flavor profile analysis conducted by a panel of judges during a blind taste test.

Surface water, which characterizes the type of water supply utilized by Arlington residents and those of most urban communities, is treated water that originates from lakes, rivers, and streams. (Ground water, by contrast, refers to a municipal water supply that originates from a well.)

"We're very pleased to be honored with this award," said Julie Hunt, the department director. "We've implemented significant water treatment technologies that would produce this high quality drinking water."

The Arlington Water Utilities Department was eligible to enter the competition after winning a regional TWUA competition held last May.

By Rhonda Aghamalian


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