Application Withdrawn for Proposed Saltwater Disposal Well Near Lake Arlington
By Office of Communication
Posted on June 16, 2017, June 16, 2017

Well Near Lake Arlington

The Texas Railroad Commission has notified the City of Arlington that BlueStone Natural Resources has withdrawn its application to construct a saltwater disposal well on the Fort Worth side of Lake Arlington.

The Commission issued an order dismissing the application without prejudice on Thursday, following a request from the Oklahoma company. Bluestone gave no reason for the request for dismissal. A hearing on their application had been set for September.

Early this year, the City of Arlington and the City of Fort Worth filed letters with the Railroad Commission protesting the application for the injection well. In March, the Arlington City Council voted unanimously to hire outside attorneys and an industry expert to oppose the well application.

BlueStone Natural Resources' proposed well would have been used for the underground disposal of produced saltwater and other oil and gas well-related waste water, according to the permit application, which was filed in December with the state.

In its protest letter, the City of Arlington outlined Lake Arlington's role as a drinking water source to the city's more than 380,000 residents and several northeast Tarrant County communities and cited concerns about the proposed well's proximity to the Lake Arlington Dam.

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