Dog of the Week – Daisy
By Office of Communication
Posted on March 19, 2012, March 19, 2012

Look at this beautiful girl Daisy, the privileged Arlington Animal Services, "Dog of the Week!" When Daisy says "hello" to you, it is hard not to say it back!

She appears to be incredibly sincere and sweet. When you approach her, all she wants is to be petted and she gets excited when you show her affection. She may do an extra prance, jump around, and do a little twirl, like "Oh, my gosh. You are coming to say hi to me. I can't believe this." She is very outgoing and athletic. This adorable, people-dog also likes to settle down for a scratch behind the ear, a warm cuddle, and a nice belly rub. Daisy is a young adult Border Collie/Labrador Retriever mix and she weighs a lean 46.8 pounds and is already altered so she can go home with you today! Daisy was a stray that was found at Cowboy Stadium trying to get into the Home and Garden show trying to see what all the hype was about. Daisy is young and full of energy! If you are looking for an athletic and outgoing dog that is full of life look no further - Daisy is your girl! Come and meet her today. She is in Dog Adoptions (D.A.) 12, ID # is 08200539 patiently waiting to be adopted!

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