Katya Saves Fluffy
By Office of Communication
Posted on December 04, 2012, December 04, 2012

Four year old with fortitude, Katya saves up for a shelter pup

Katya is synonymous with pure; pure of heart, and purely wanting a dog of her very own.

Katya is starting out her life by setting goals and achieving them. About three months ago, Katya expressed an interest in adopting a dog. Nadia Gonzalez, Katya's mother, said they "told her to save her own money if she wanted a dog'.

This industrious young lady went to work filling her piggy bank, with great anticipation. Katya did not want any toys or gifts over this special time, to show her mother how serious she was, about wanting a dog.

The big day came on November 28, when Katya arrived at Arlington Animal Services (AAS) with her piggy bank in tow. Katya smiled as her mother allowed her to give her piggy bank filled with her savings of exactly $46.63 diligently saved for her first pet.

"This little girl was the sunshine of my day!' said AAS manager Chris Huff. The Shih Tzu adopted by this family is going to be truly loved by a very special little girl, and his new name is "Fluffy'. Huff expressed appreciation to Katya's mother for giving her the rest of the money to give a special pet a new "forever' home.

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