Citizens Make the Grade in Community Policing
By Office of Communication
Posted on December 05, 2012, December 05, 2012

When Class #52 of the Citizens Police Academy graduates Thursday night, Arlington will have more residents who are professionally trained to guide, inform and assist in community oriented policing efforts.

Twenty-two adults and 13 high school students have successfully completed a program that provides instruction aimed at helping the public understand safety and the role of law enforcement. The Citizens Police Academy is also a two-way learning experience that provides the department with an increased awareness about community concerns.

During the 11-week academy, citizens participate in classes that focus on community policing, accident investigations, traffic stops, crime scene, 9-1-1 communication and homicides. Students met every Monday night for three hours.

Graduation is set for 7 p.m. Thursday, Dec. 6, in Council Chamber at City Hall. The ceremony includes a keynote address by Interim Police Chief Will Johnson and the posting of colors by the APD Honor Guard. The event is open to the public, which also includes elected officials and academy alumni members.

After graduation, John Ford and Linda Graves plan to continue their work with the department as South District and North District volunteer coordinators. Graduate Dwaine Bowman will use the training he received in the academy to continue his volunteer work with the department's Skywatch Tower and Citizen on Patrol programs.

Most graduates have plans to join he Citizens Police Academy Alumni Association who are now planning to host the city's first Citizens Police Academy State Conference, July 24-26. Citizen volunteers from more than 32 Texas area cities are expected to attend the conference, which is being developed around the theme,"Knock Crime Out of the Park!' Citizen volunteers are also planning a Chief's Roundtable to immediately follow the conference.

These graduates are excited about the opportunities ahead, and they're now prepared to effectively impact the safety of their communities as the extra eyes and ears to report suspicious activity to police.

Congratulations Citizens Police Academy Class #52.

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