Rangers Rally is a “Glowing” Success
By Office of Communication
Posted on April 02, 2012, April 02, 2012

More than 1,700 Rangers fans lit up the evening sky on March 30 at the Let's GLO Rangers Rally, a 40th anniversary celebration of the team's first season in Arlington. The event was sponsored by the City in partnership with the Arlington Convention & Visitors Bureau.

Shortly after sunset, the parking lot's lights were extinguished as fans, which were assembled into letters spelling out the team's name, clicked on blue LED glowsticks to illuminate a giant "R-A-N-G-E-R-S." The resulting images were captured via aerial photography and will be shown on the stadium JumboTron at opening day this week.

A DJ was on site keeping the crowd's spirits high with dance music, shout-offs, and line dancing until showtime.

Besides celebrating the team's anniversary and upcoming season, the Let's GLO Rangers Rally is poised to make history, as event organizers intend to submit the event as a candidate for a Guinness World Record as the most number of glowsticks ever arranged to spell out a team name.

"Rangers fans have world-class pride, and it was on full display at our Let's GLO Rally. We were thrilled to have the chance to show our excitement for the 2012 season with such a dramatic display of Ranger team spirit," said Rebecca Rodriguez, City of Arlington marketing communications manager. "The City and Convention and Visitors Bureau are very grateful for the support of our volunteers, partners and of course all the amazing fans that helped make our vision of the event a reality."

"It takes a lot of commitment to pull off an event like this," said Decima Cooper, Arlington Convention & Visitors Bureau director of public relations. "But we really weren't surprised that so many fans turned out to support the effort, because we've always known that Rangers fans are the best there are. It was so exciting to have the opportunity to show the world that both the Rangers organization and their fans are truly special."

The Texas Rangers, current American League champions and 2010-2011 World Series contenders, debuted at Arlington Stadium on April 21, 1972 against the California Angels. The 2012 season will kick off when the Rangers face the Chicago White Sox this Friday, April 6.

By Rhonda Aghamalian

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