Meet “Chip” the Albino Squirrel
By Office of Communication
Posted on July 15, 2013, July 15, 2013

Randol Mill Park has a new resident piquing the interest of the local community - and it's not the usual neighbor. His name is "Chip" and he is a rare albino squirrel!

Wildlife experts estimate that the odds of a pure white squirrel being born are one in 100,000. Albino squirrels are distinguished from normal white squirrels by their pink eyes. While white squirrels are rare, reports suggest that they live in colonies and that colony has the ability to produce an albino squirrel.

"All of the animals we have at Randol Mill Park are very special; however, 'Chip' seems to have become the main attraction," Electronic Media Specialist Justin Snasel said. "The albino squirrel was initially photographed and sent to us via social media and has been spotted multiple times around the park since."

While the Arlington Parks and Recreation Department is excited to have such a rare species of animals in the City, protection of the animal is a main concern. If you see Chip, please continue to give him his space and let him live in the natural habitat.

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